Pyöröpuikko is a yarn and handicrafts boutique located right by the park in Lappeenranta. You can shop, sit down for a cup of coffee, or seek inspiration among the wonderful colours and yarns. You’ll find a wide range of yarn at Pyöröpuikko, and can also take part in handicraft evenings arranged by the company.

As a Greenreality partner, Pyöröpuikko uses eco-friendly packaging materials for its online sales. The company is also seeking to reduce the amount of paper it uses, and to reuse printed papers for making notes. Efforts will also be made to reduce waste in general by, for example, reusing yarn manufacturers’ packaging materials.

Improvements well underway in packaging materials and reuse

During the five months of its partnership, Pyöröpuikko has made improvements in packaging materials and material reuse in particular. Online orders are now packaged using recycled materials, and the plastic bags used to deliver yarn to the store are also reused. In addition to these bags, customers are also offered paper bags. All non-sensitive printed papers are reused for making notes.

In addition to its official Greenreality targets, Pyöröpuikko has also begun recycling all types of waste. When more shelf space was required, the shelving was acquired from a fleamarket rather than buying new.

Updating goals and forging ahead to 2021

Wool shop Pyöröpuikko has succeeded in meeting its goals as a Greenreality partner during the first year. Pyöröpuikko packs products sold in its online shop in recycled materials, reuses plastic and has reduced the amount of paper consumed. However, it has found it very difficult to change the amount of plastic used, which has made reducing plastic waste, in particular, challenging.

Pyöröpuikko is eager to continue as a Greenreality partner and to take on new challenges! Over the next year, the company will commit to paying more attention to packaging materials and their recycling and to providing consumers with information on the recycling of packaging materials. In order to reduce its consumption of paper, Pyöröpuikko will make even more use of electronic systems and practices. In addition, Pyöröpuikko will provide its customers with information on the responsibility, origin and eco-friendliness of its products on its website.