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Facts about Lappeenranta

Active/green city

It is no wonder that Lappeenranta was selected as this year’s National Earth Hour Capital of Finland.
We strive to use a greener approach in everything we do and
to achieve even our most ambitious environmental targets.

It's a Fact

The world’s

most energy efficient

hybrid bus


Cycling City

of the Year


Carbon dioxide emissions down by


Among the

18 best cities

in the Earth Hour City Challenge by WWF

 Sammonlahti School is the first school in Finland to have received the Eco-Schools Green Flag award and the environmental certificate granted by the Okka Foundation

Neo-Carbon Energy is the most extensive

renewable energy research project in the history of Finland,

with 100% emission-free energy

Bioverno, the world’s first

second-generation biorefinery, began operations in


Kaukaan Voima’s biopower plant

is one of Finland’s largest

users of biofuels


constructed stormwater wetlands

for restoring the Pien-Saimaa lake region

In the Holiday Housing Fair area in Rauha,


of the energy for the buildings is

based on renewable energy sources

Finland’s first and

largest inland wind farm,

21 MW

The Muukko wind farm

produces enough electricity to heat more than


detached houses

More than

70% of district heating

is CO2-free

More than 40%

of the electricity used

in Lappeenranta

is CO2-free


of Finland’s solar power plants

are located in Lappeenranta


of Lappeenranta’s district heat is produced at

Kaukaan Voima’s biopower plant


collection points for biodegradable and reusable waste

8 manned waste transfer stations


less emissions

by 2030

Skinnarila has Finland’s 

greenest campus


Sustainable Campus

Excellence Award

275 km 

of bicycle paths


40% of

Finland’s energy research and

education takes place at LUT

Public transportation

grew in 2010–2014

by 17%


Earth Hour Capital



The world’s first city to switch to EKOenergy-certified electricity


of the district heating in Lappeenranta is based on forest biomass

In 2016, the installation of solar panels increased by



of all waste in Lappeenranta is recycled

Lappeenranta has

the highest number of

solar panels per resident

of any city in Finland