Traffic and logistics

Sustainable mobility

Transport-related emissions account for 20% of all greenhouse gases produced in Finland and, in Lappeenranta, more than 40% of all emissions are outside the emissions trade. Both private and professional transport options have an important role to play in reducing traffic emissions. In the professional transport sector, favouring energy-efficient and low-emission vehicles is especially important owing to the large volumes of vehicles in use.

Pink bus behind green bushes and trees.

Reduce your emissons

  • More efficient route choices
  • Energy-efficient equipment
  • Low-emission fuels

Being energy efficient and reducing your emissions can save you money and the environment.

Motiva's Sustainable Transport and Mobility pages provide comprehensive information on making the transport options your business or community uses more energy efficient.

Sustainable commuting

In addition to reducing the amount of road traffic emissions, encouraging and supporting employees to travel to work on foot or by bike instead of by car also improves their wellbeing, reduces work-related burnout, and leads to fewer illness-related absences. Businesses can motivate their staff to reduce car use through employment perks, such as a company bicycle or public transport tickets, and by reviewing the importance of company car and parking benefits. More information is available on Motiva’s Sustainable Transport and Mobility page.