Coming soon to a filling station near you: clean and local biogas!

Biogas production is already in full swing at the Etelä-Karjalan Jätehuolto Kukkuroinmäki biogas plant. The construction of the biogas plant was slightly delayed due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite of that, the European workers were able to start installation in August. In late summer and early autumn, staff has made adjustments to the plant’s process and searched for optimal settings.

Filling stations are also being finished, and opening ceremonies can be held in the coming weeks. Strict quality tests will be carried out before opening the filling stations to the public. Filling stations are currently being completed in Lappeenranta on Eteläkatu and at the Kukkuroinmäki processing centre and in Vuoksenniska in the city of Imatra. Provotek, the partner of South Karelia Waste Management, is building filling stations in Luumäki and Parikkala to ensure a comprehensive biogas infrastructure in the region.

Visually, the filling stations follow the national BIG brand: biogas users save money and cut emissions by filling up with clean and local biogas! In the near future, BIG biogas will not only be available in South Karelia but also in Tampere and Vaasa.

Biogas is a fully renewable and locally produced fuel made from organic materials, such as bio waste. Using biofuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 90% compared to petrol and diesel.

Tulevat tankkausasemat:


Eteläkatu 3
53500 Lappeenranta

Kukkuroinmäen käsittelykeskus
Hulkonmäentie 130
53190 Konnunsuo


Sauramonkuja 5-7
55800 Imatra