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Significant Finnish EPC PV delivery to Egypt


Significant Finnish EPC PV delivery to Egypt

GreenEnergy Finland Ltd signs a significant PV delivery contract to Egypt

GreenEnergy Finland (GEF) and Egyptian Technical Projects Company (TEPCO) have signed a turn key 1,051 MW photovoltaic (PV) plant delivery contract on November 9, 2016 valued at approximately one million euros.

GEF will deliver the PV plant as an EPC project (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) that will be installed in 6th of October City near Cairo, Egypt. The rooftop PV plant consists of 3755 JA Solar 280 Wp monocrystalline panels, ABB string inverter topology, smart remote control and monitoring functions. The plant is expected to be operational during the first week of May 2017.

The power plant will be engineered in Finland and the majority of the part manufacturing and component assembly will be conducted in Egypt in order to achieve the highest possible localization degree along with the convenient installation services.

Miko Huomo and Christoffer Ehrnrooth (GreenEnergy Finland - GEF) together with Hicham Osman, Fayssal Daoud, and Mamdouh Wael (Egyptian Technical Projects Company - TEPCO) signed a turn key 1,06 MW photovoltaic (PV) plant delivery contract to TEPCO, valued at approximately one million euros.

Toimitusjohtaja Miko Huomo toteaa:  ”Me toimitamme täysin integroituja ja skaalautuvia, uusiutuvan energian aurinkosähköratkaisuja B2B-asiakkaille. Tässä ensimmäinen Egyptiin tehtävä toimitus avaa meille kovan luokan kasvumarkkinan. Tämän kaupan mahdollisti Team Finland-delegaatiomatka Egyptiin. Suomen valtio tekee tärkeää työtä maamme vientiteollisuuden eteen ja Team Finland on avannut ovia suomalaisyrityksille ympäri maailman. ” hän kiittelee tyytyväisenä.

“Olemme hyvin innoissamme tästä sopimuksesta. Olemme löytäneet, ei ainoastaan asiakkaan, vaan myös luotettavan partnerin, jonka kanssa voimme jatkaa laajentumista MENA-alueen markkinoille (Lähi-Itä & Pohjois-Afrikka).  ”, lisää Huomo.

Miko Huomo, Fayssal Daoud and Hicham Osman in Egypt.

“We deliver fully integrated, renewable B2B energy solutions which are based on PV technology and are fully scalable to meet each client’s needs. This first Egyptian PV market delivery is extremely important and a true door-opener to markets that are at the beginning of huge growth,” says Huomo.

“We’re very excited about this delivery contract and have not only found a client but a trusted partner for business expansion over the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Region markets,” he adds.

According to Hicham Osman, TEPCO Marketing Director, TEPCO has a track record of bringing innovation and creative competitive solutions to the Egyptian energy distribution market through its manufacturing and systems integration expertise.

“Acting as a developer on this venture is preparation for a larger and more comprehensive scheme that will be announced in due time. GreenEnergy Finland has distinguished itself with the most comprehensive, competitive and technically superior offerings and emerged as a natural winner of the contract,” says Osman.


For further press information, please contact: GreenEnergy Finland: CEO, Miko Huomo tel. +358 (0) 50 410 1270 or email TEPCO: Marketing Director, Hicham Osman tel. +2 (012) 22126269 or email


GreenEnergy Finland Oy is a rapidly growing market leader in Finland specializing in PV system applications. The competitive advantage of the company is in high level technological expertise and the ability to supply demanding customized solutions and projects, also to international markets. Established in 2010, the company emphasizes a strong in-house product development for e.g. cloud-based production monitoring, active load control and energy storage applications which support the energy efficiency balance control and smart solar power utilization in real estate business.

TEPCO develops, produces and sells low and medium voltage systems, energy efficiency systems and control systems for the Egyptian market and the MENA region. Over the years, TEPCO has captured a substantial market share in Egypt, positioning itself as one of the major market players. TEPCO is the parent company for seven subsidiaries that provide TEPCO and the rest of the market with complementary products.