Water Screen display panel for water topics to Lappeenranta Harbour

The City of Lappeenranta’s Environmental Office has applied for and been granted funding from UPM-Kymmene Corporation’s Biofore Share and Care programme for a display panel to present water topics.

The display panel, called Water Screen, will show current water-related data, such as swimming water information and updates from the Kivisalmi pumping station, as well as real-time measurement results on water quality. Information on water protection and the activities of water technology companies and LUT University will also be displayed on the screen. The display panel will be installed in Lappeenranta Harbour during the summer of 2021.

“UPM’s goal is to use water responsibly. We are continuously measuring our impact on water bodies and our development in water use, and report the results regularly and transparently”, says Katja Tiikasalo, Manager of Stakeholder Relations at UPM Kaukas.

Lake Saimaa is a much-studied subject and the water quality is monitored in many different ways for many different purposes. The various data is to be compiled, thus sharing information with residents in an easy and reliable manner. Lake Saimaa is a very important destination for locals, and thanks to the display panel, residents will receive up-to-date information on water status and water protection.

“As part of our Biofore Share and Care program, we are involved in projects aimed at improving the status of water bodies and raising awareness of responsible water use. The display panel coming to Lappeenranta Harbour is a great example of raising awareness”, Tiikasalo continues.

Lappeenranta is competing for the title of Europe’s greenest city in the European Green Leaf Award 2021 competition. The screen is part of the city’s activities related to the competition theme.

Further information:

Environmental Director Ilkka Räsänen
+358 40 0815 284