Circulative new material resembling concrete under development

Advanced circulation economy in Lappeenranta

In Lappeenranta new sustainable material is developed by combining forest and mining industry side streams. It is intended to replace concrete in the construction industry as the cement industry accounts for 7% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. The aim is also to develop an entirely new way of building: pilot products are 3D printed. The best case scenario would be that the material and methods created through the development work are also suitable for other cities in the world, making them part of new urban architecture.

The new target product is a geopolymer composite material that can be reinforced with biofibres, for example. Composite products have a long life cycle and can be safely recycled even after use. The side streams utilized include ash, green liquor dregs, tailings as well as construction and fibre waste.

With concrete and 3D printing of the new material, it may be possible to escape the rigid design language of building and to create curved and even functional shapes. The new material could be used to manufacture, for example, more aesthetically pleasing noise barriers, park benches and skateboard ramps.

Further information:
Eeva Pihlajaniemi:, +358 44 052 3056
Terhi Jantunen:, +358 40 530 5958

Development work is implemented in the frames of Urban Infra Revolution (UIR) project. Read more about the project:

Urban Infra Revolution