Greenreality pledges

Greenreality pledges

A green future requires real actions for a sustainable tomorrow.

The schools in Lappeenranta are making Greenreality pledges, which are local actions decided jointly by the class and/or whole school. Class- and school-specific actions are an important part of environmental education and sustainable development activities in schools. In addition to class and subject teachers, the student unions and staff of schools can also support the preparation and implementation of pledges.

The seed of a tree spins in the wind and falls to the ground. In order to grow and thrive, it needs light, water and nutritious soil. The tree of Greenreality pledges grows and becomes stronger through the sustainable development pledges we make, and therefore through our actions. The more pledges we make and take action, the stronger the tree grows, just as the world around us, nature and people thrive and flourish when we live up to our pledges. The tree is firmly rooted in the soil, the roots forming a sturdy net to keep the tree in place when the winds blow. Let the Greenreality tree grow and become stronger through sustainable development actions.

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