Climate Program 2021–2030

Climate Program 2021–2030

There is an urgent need to reduce emissions. Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement and halting global warming to 1.5 degrees requires rapid solutions. Lappeenranta's goal is to be carbon neutral in 2030.

The goal of the City of Lappeenranta's climate program 2021–2030 is to implement the City of Lappeenranta's carbon neutrality target by 2030 and the longer-term emission reduction target.

The climate program was completed in late 2020 and was approved by the city council in January 2021. The climate program package includes emission calculations for the Lappeenranta geographical area for the base year and monitoring year, as well as emission reduction measures, ie climate change mitigation measures until 2030.

The action plan was prepared in 2020 in cooperation with the City of Lappeenranta, companies, stakeholders and residents in eight workshops. More than 80 of the action proposals generated in the workshops were selected for implementation in the climate program. In addition to the package, the climate program also includes the identification of climate risks and vulnerabilities.

A path in green nature. There are trees along the path, and blue water in the right.

Lappeenranta climate guard

Lappeenranta's goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030. With the help of the climate guard, we monitor the progress of this goal and assess the effects of climate action.

Lappeenranta Climate Guard