Greenreality in schools

Greenreality in schools

In the schools of Lappeenranta, we create a lifestyle and culture that nurtures the inviolability of human dignity, the diversity of ecosystems and the ability to regenerate. Our activities are based on science, proactiveness and adopting a sustainable lifestyle together.

Students in a classroom. The teacher is in the front of the room, smiling in the direction of the students.

The basis of the Greenreality activities of Lappeenranta schools are the valid values ​​of the curriculum. According to them, a sustainable lifestyle is essential. We recognize that humans are part of nature and completely dependent on the vitality of ecosystems. That's why we want to learn critical consumption, thriftiness and build a knowledge base for the sustainable use of natural resources.

In the Greenreality activities of schools, we take into account all dimensions of sustainable development, which are ecological, economic, social and cultural sustainable development. We also structure our operations based on the goals of the UN Agenda 2030.

We implement high-quality sustainability education in Lappeenranta schools in accordance with the Lappeenranta 2037 strategy. In addition, we boldly use the entire city as a learning environment in Greenreality activities. In this way, together with students, guardians and our partners, we build new sustainable solutions and strengthen hope for a better tomorrow.