Positive Troublemaker of Electric Sector

From Ruokolahti, Finland, springs Elektroway Oy, a versatile expert in electrics with a focus on solar electric solutions.

This dynamic, youthful and untraditional company is now experiencing a sharp rise. Elektroway aims to be an industry pioneer in energy saving and renewable energy solutions.

The company has its own imports for solar electric systems. In addition, the company offers various services related to electrical engineering and building automation solutions. We offer solar panels, heat pumps, electrical and lighting plans and, for example, home automation systems with installation.

The wide range of services is one of the company's competitive advantages. All services have been created in accordance with the idea of sustainable development, which is also reflected in the company's operations across the board.

– We use the latest available technology, which in turn saves energy. We look into the backgrounds of the products we use and always bring forth the facts to the customer. We prefer products that have been produced with renewable energy, says Riikka Mehiläinen, the COO of the company.

Elektroway is a supporter of a customer oriented approach as well as an economical and efficient service chain. The customer receives only the best, and a little extra on top.

– We spend a lot of time on research in order to offer our customers optimal and long-lasting solutions. Finishing is also carried out meticulously.

Elektroway Oy is a company which specialises in electrical engineering, design and installation services, as well as smart energy solutions and house automation. The company caters to private clients, businesses, housing companies, communities, cities and municipalities. The area of operation is the whole of South Karelia and Savonlinna.