Metso Outotec

Global pioneer in sustainable development


Metso is a global pioneer in sustainable technologies and integrated solutions and services for aggregates processing and mineral and metal refining with 150 years’ experience.

Metso strives to become a trailblazer in sustainability in its industry by boosting the eco-efficiency of its clients’ operations and reducing the environmental footprint of its own activities. This mindset reflects Planet Positive, which is Metso’s comprehensive approach to sustainability: Metso aims to be a responsible enabler of a sustainable modern lifestyle.

The majority of Metso’s turnover is already obtained from technologies that respond directly to our clients’ key challenges related to energy, emission reduction and water efficiency and that provide solutions for circular economies and security. Metso’s greatest contribution to emission reduction is generated through our clients’ activities when they use our sustainable technologies. Metso’s Planet Positive portfolio consists of over 100 products. In 2023, Metso’s clients reduced their emissions by over 6 million tonnes with Planet Positive technologies included in Metso’s calculations.

Technological advancements and electrification will increase the demand for metals exponentially in the future. Electrification and an enhanced use of renewable energy are also essential measures for mitigating global warming. The scarcity of natural resources will lead to the processing of increasingly lean mineral deposits. The sustainability requirements of Metso’s clients are also influenced by stricter regulations and safety requirements. As environmental requirements become more stringent, water- and energy-saving processes and solutions and improved waste treatment have immense potential.

Metso is also investing in minimising the environmental impacts of its own operations and supply chain. Metso aims to achieve net zero emissions through its own operations by 2030 and lower its logistics emissions by 20% by 2025. In 2023, Metso reduced the emissions from its own operations (scope 1 and 2) by 73% and logistics emissions (scope 3) by 7% in comparison to 2019.

Metso’s Lappeenranta plant manufactures many of the most demanding filters used in different industries. Metso has a wide range of efficient industrial filter solutions for industries such as mining, chemicals, rubber, plastic, food and pharmaceuticals. So far, Metso has supplied over 2,300 filters for various demanding industrial applications.

The Lappeenranta plant has been systematically developed over the years. A good example of this development is the centre of dewatering technology opened at the production facility in 2015. The centre serves our clients worldwide. The centre of technology focuses on filter technology and contributes greatly to innovation in the industry. Metso’s filter-related expertise is based on nearly 100 years of research, development and knowledge of processes. The centre of technology cooperates on an ongoing basis with, for example, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT.

– Solutions developed to treat industrial process and waste water help purify industrial circulation water and waste water, either in compliance with the process requirements or environmental regulations. They also boost water recycling and reduce water and energy consumption and emissions. The aim of our research and development activities is to develop resource-efficient technologies and various services, including long-term operational and maintenance services for all stages of the industrial plant and process life-cycle that reduce stress on the environment and planet, says Janne Kauppi, Director at Metso Lappeenranta.

The Lappeenranta plant also manufactures Larox filters, which are Planet Positive products. The filter solutions are sustainably designed to increase energy and water efficiency and reduce emissions. In addition, the filters meet the most stringent safety standards, and they are easy to use and maintain thanks to their advanced automatic features that enhance our clients’ process efficiency and performance.

Closer observation of sustainability requirements both in the product offering and other operations is a positive challenge for every company. For Metso, sustainability is a positive opportunity to develop and grow its business.

– We want to be part of a regional network that promotes sustainable development. We encourage smaller companies through our actions and are open to joint projects, says Kauppi.

Metso is a pioneer in sustainable technologies and integrated solutions and services for rock crushing, mineral processing, and metal refining worldwide. We enhance our clients’ energy and water consumption, increase the productivity of operations and reduce environmental risks through our products and process know-how. Together, we create positive change.

Metso is headquartered in Espoo. The company has more than 17,000 employees in nearly 50 countries, with a turnover of around EUR 5.4 billion in 2023. Its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.,