Taksi Alpakka Oy

Taksi Alpakka Oy is a family business that provides taxi services in Lappeenranta. It has been operating in South Karelia since 1992. Its professional staff provide customers with high-quality, personal service. Taksi Alpakka will take customers anywhere in Finland and also to Russia. The company regularly provides state-funded taxi services for the disabled and other customers via KELA and under the Health and Social Care Act. The company uses black Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicles, one of which is a hybrid.

As a Greenreality partner, Taksi Alpakka is committed to actively informing its customers about the company’s current environmental issues and initiatives. Staff will be regularly provided with training on environmental issues, such as economical driving styles. When acquiring vehicles, Taksi Alpakka will also be choosing environmentally friendly alternatives and more ecological fuel options.